Monday, 3 July 2017

June 2017 Link Love

The Valentine House by Emma Henderson - Reading, Writing, Booking

I know this is such a blogger thing to say but I can't believe June is already over. The first half of 2017 has gone, what happened?!


The Night Visitor by Lucy Atkins - Reading, Writing, Booking

Farm Lane Books: The Night Visitor - I keep seeing posts about The Night Visitor by Lucy Atkins, and this review especially made me want to read it.

Keeper of Pages: The Fact of a Body - Another one that's been doing the rounds on blogs and social media, The Fact of a Body is a non-fiction book that I really want to read. Janel not only has a great review but also details on the author and a fascinating evidence pack.

Kate Vane: The Red Hill - Historical fiction and a murder mystery, that's two of my boxes ticked. The Red Hill by David Penny sounds fascinating in Kate Vane's review.

A Little Blog of Books: The Valentine House - This one just sounds like something a little different, a sprawling family saga and a mystery set in the French Alps.


How to Edit your Novel - Reading, Writing, Booking

Now Novel: How to Edit Your Novel - This is an interesting article, I find it easy enough to edit other people's work but with my own it's really hard to be objective. Now Novel gives some good editing tips for writers looking at they're own work.

Samantha House: When Editing Works - Another post on editing (can you tell I've been struggling with it recently). This post is about having to cut out the pieces that you love but just don't work. The article itself is brief, but read the comments; some helpful tips and shared experiences.


Warehouse Tie Back Midi Dress - Reading, Writing, Booking

Warehouse: Tie Back Midi Dress - This blue Warehouse dress doesn't look like much but I love the simplicity of the cut, the interesting back detail and the fact that it has pockets. Unfortunately it's not in the sale at the moment.

A Model Recommends: Snails in my Hair - I bloody love Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. She writes so well and always makes me laugh, even when she's just writing about cleansers or cotton pads. This post about a disastrous photography session just made me chuckle.

The Anna Edit: My Hot Weather Makeup Must-Haves - With my greasy skin (TMI) my makeup tends to melt down my face anyway, but in the summer it's even worse. There are some great products in this post that I want to try to counteract the meltiness.

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