Monday, 31 July 2017

July 2017 Link Love

Barcelona - Reading, Writing, Booking

Some more monthly web love, with book lists, research tips and fashion that I'm not cool enough to wear.


City of Masks by S D Sykes - Reading, Writing, Booking

For Winter Nights: City of Masks - I've just started reading this blog and am loving it. This post grabbed my attention, medieval murder mystery sounds good. City of Masks is part of a series so I may have to try the first book.

Books Please: Miraculous Mysteries - I don't always like short stories, but this book of short murder mysteries by famous crime writers may be the exception.

The Lineup: Nightmare Fuel - I want to read more horror, of the ghostly variety not so much the slasher variety, this list of scary books from The Lineup looks like it has some good ones.


Second Sight by Sally Emerson - Reading, Writing, Booking

Books by Women: How Novels Change - This article provides a look at how you can start off writing one novel, and finish with a totally different story. It's good to know other people do this too.

Life of a Storyteller: Conducting Research for Your Novel - Just the idea of researching background for a novel can be enough to make you want to give up before you start, but this article by Sara breaks it down into manageable chunks.

Jody Hedlund: 4 Ways Authors Can Reach Readers on Pinterest - So, this isn't really about the process of writing but writers need to be aware of how to promote themselves, and Pinterest is a great, free, tool.


Reduce the "Have To's" in Your Life - Reading, Writing, Booking

No Sidebar: Five Ways to Reduce the "Have To's" in your Life - Sometimes my list of things to do seems overwhelming, so reading this article was a breath of fresh air, especially the point about changing "have to" to "get to".

Picking the Day: Things I'm Not Cool Enough to Wear-'90s - Steph from Picking the Day just read my mind. I've felt so old recently seeing all the '90s fashions that I wore as a kid come back around. It didn't look good then and it doesn't look good now!

A Lady in London: Lady's Barcelona Survival Guide - In my May Link Love post I included The Frugality's post on Rome as I was planning on going there later this year. But now I'm being indecisive and have a few other options, one of which is Barcelona. I've been to Barcelona before, but 12 years ago, so I was exploring the internet for re-inspiration and found this post, it's got some great tips and beautiful photographs.

I can't decide where to go for my long weekend away; Rome, Barcelona or Dubrovnik, any suggestions? #firstworldproblems

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