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Resort to Murder by TP Fielden

Book Review

Resort to Murder by TP Fielden - Reading, Writing, Booking

"...she was no stranger to death..."

Resort to Murder (A Miss Dimont Mystery, Book 2) is written by TP Fielden and published by HQ.

I reviewed the first in the Miss Dimont Mystery series a few months back and, while I didn't love it, there were elements I enjoyed and I thought I'd give the next one a chance. However, I'm afraid Resort to Murder has proved that this crime series is not for me.

‘There you have it—’ Miss Dimont smiled and, lifting
her dark glasses, turned to face the trainee reporter ‘—in a nutshell. A mystery death. Needs looking into, wouldn’t you say?’

Death stalks the beaches of Devon

With its pale, aquamarine waters and golden sands, the shoreline at Temple Regis was a sight to behold. But when an unidentifiable body is found there one morning, the most beautiful beach in Devon is turned into a crime scene.

For Miss Dimont – ferocious defender of free speech, champion of the truth and ace newspaperwoman for The Riviera Express – this is a case of paramount interest, and the perfect introduction for her young new recruit Valentine Waterford. Even if their meddling is to the immense irritation of local copper Inspector Topham…

Soon Miss Dimont and Valentine are deep in investigation – why can nobody identify the body, and why does Topham suspect murder? And when a second death occurs, can the two possibly be connected?

It's difficult to explain exactly why I didn't enjoy Resort to Murder, but there were definitely the same reasons I picked up on in the first book in the series. The language tries too hard to be 'of the era' but it just sounds unnatural and dated, it really held me back from connecting with any of the characters.

Plus, like in the first book the themes are not particularly subtle. Resort to Murder, explores women's role in society after the Second World War, but it's delivered with the subtlety of a sledge hammer. I think TP Fielden is aiming for a balance between a light story mixed with some deeper messages, which sometimes works brilliantly, but not in this case. The book doesn't really know what it is and veers from cosy Devon mystery to lecturing history.

I always feel a bit mean giving a bad review, I know how much work goes into writing a book, let alone a series. I think the Miss Dimont Mysteries will be popular with a lot of people, but I read so many mysteries now that a book's really got to stand out for me to love it.

However, I will say that it's pleasant to read something that isn't full of blood and gore. A lot of mysteries chuck it all in to create a shock but, while there is obviously death, there isn't violence and taboos thrown in just for the sake of it.

My Rating: 2 Stars

I received a copy of Resort to Murder in return for an honest review, my thanks to the author and publisher.

Resort to Murder by TP Fielden - Reading, Writing, Booking

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