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April 2017 Link Love

Basset's Cove The Cornish Life - Reading, Writing, Booking

I don't know what to write for this introduction so I'm keeping it brief; here are some links to webpages I've liked in April. Enjoy!


A Wreath for the Enemy by Pamela Frankau - Reading, Writing, Booking

Stuck in a Book: A Wreath for the Enemy - I'd never heard of this book or the author Pamela Frankau before reading this review, but after Simon described it as "quirky, imaginative and confident" it's on my tbr list.

The Financial Pain of Supporting Independent Bookstores: BookRiot- This article really speaks the truth; as a book lover I want to support independent book shops, but it's so difficult when you know you can get books for a fraction of the price from big retailers.

Crime by the Book: The Thirst - I haven't read enough Scandinavian crime fiction but there's so much out there I never really know where to start. After reading this review of The Thirst I think I may be diving in to the Harry Hole series.

BBC: The Sisters who are Secretly Evil - This article cements something I had noticed recently, that the latest trend in thrillers seems to be disturbed sisters. Sometimes I Lie and The Roanoke Girls are just a few examples. I wonder what the next trend will be?

The Reader's Review: Top 5 Most Intimidating Books - I definitely agree with Lexi; I have tried and failed to read all of these books! I'd also add Les Miserables to this list.


Clare Wallace's Tips on Submitting to Literary Agents - Reading, Writing, Booking

Writers & Artists: Submitting to Literary Agents - There are hundreds of posts about submitting your book to agents online, but I found this one by Clare Wallace, literary agent at Darley Anderson Agency, particularly helpful. It gives you an idea of the actual process of how agents take on authors.

Writer's Digest: 3 Better Ways to Introduce your Main Character - Sometimes, because my characters are so clear in my mind, I forget to actually introduce them properly when I'm writing. These tips by author Les Edgerton has simple but effective ways of introducing them to your reader.

Helping Writers become Authors: The Dangers of Character Overload - From introducing the lead character to introducing multiple characters; this can be a difficult thing to do naturally. K. M. Weiland has some excellent tips.


Sea of Shoes Summer Want List - Reading, Writing, Booking

Sea of Shoes: Early Summer Want List - As I write this I have a fire going and I'm under a duvet, so summer seems far away, but Jane Aldridge's style boards are helping me dream of warm weather wear.

Lorna Literally: Jewellery + The Capsule Wardrobe - My taste in jewellery has always tended towards the wooden and chunky, but I've been wanting some more minimal pieces recently. I really liked Lorna's post on jewellerybox, I especially want the simple tiny studs.

The Cornish Life - My husband and I have a dream that we're going to live in Cornwall one day. I recently discovered Anna's Cornish blog and it's feeding my obsession, I especially love her beautiful photos (see first pic).

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