Monday, 3 April 2017

March 2017 Link Love

Knights Templar Caves Discovers in Rabbit Hole - Reading, Writing, Booking Blog

Another month, another round-up of links I've been loving on the web. As usual, there are lots of book reviews from fellow book bloggers, including a couple of classics. I've also found some useful writing tips, especially if you're a budding children's book author.
Finally, I've got some random links, with everything from underground caves to inspiring women standing up against sexual violence.


The Maker of Swans by Paraic O'Donnell - Reading, Writing, Booking Blog

Reading Matters: The Maker of Swans - "It is as enigmatic as all of the characters that dance across its pages." A lovely review by Kim Forrester of Paraic O'Donnell's The Maker of Swans.

JacquiWine's Journal: The Age of Innocence - I've never read any Edith Wharton but keep meaning to. Having read this in-depth review of The Age of Innocence it's now top of my tbr list.

Book Snob: The Way We Live Now - Another classic author that I'm always meaning to read is Anthony Trollope. Book Snob's review of The Way We Live Now is informative and funny, and has made me want to read this book too.

Bibliophile Book Club: The Fourth Monkey - Described as a cross between Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs, The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker sounds dark but interesting. I like that Bibliophile reviews have details of the author too, always fun to find out a bit about them.


Show Don't Tell...What the Hell? - Reading, Writing, Booking Blog

Women Writers, Women's Books: Show Don't Tell...What the Hell? - Show don't tell, that's something that was drummed into me when studying Creative Writing at university, and it's one of those 'rules' that are meant to be implemented by writers. In this post, Kate Foster looks at how we may be sick of this saying, but it really is an excellent tool to use when writing.

StandOutBooks: The Three Golden Rules of Writing Children's Literature - Something for those people who want to write children's books because they think it's easy (I am definitely guilty of having thought this). These three tips are useful and realistic for potential children's book authors.


Nars Orgasm Blush - Reading, Writing, Booking Blog

Toasty: Cruelty-Free Makeup for Spring - I've been trying to use cruelty-free products wherever possible, especially beauty products, but it's hard to know where to start. I've found blogs quite helpful. This post on cruelty-free spring makeup by Beth at Toasty has some great product suggestions. Also, I tried Nars Orgasm blush via Feel Unique too and it is bloody amazing; albeit expensive!

The Guardian: 'Tambourine Army' Hits Back Against Sexual Violence in Jamaica - It's disgusting that in this day and age so many people still blame the victim of sexual abuse, with the old-fashioned view that they somehow invited it. This article about the 'Tambourine Army' of Jamaican women supporting rape victims and shaming perpetrators is inspiring, but it's also very depressing as to how high the level of sexual assault still is.

Metro: Rabbit Hole Leads to 700-Year-Old Secret Knights Templar Cave Network - Something a bit lighter to end on. This is the stuff of fairy tales! A secret Knights Templar cave has been discovered, with the entrance through a rabbit hole. The photos are amazing (see first picture) and this story appeals to my geeky history side.

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