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February 2017 Link Love

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I think this month's Link Love post reflects my financial situation in February; completely broke. Even the Writing links join in, with a post on keeping your day job even when published. There's also an article on a woman who saved £22,000 a year by buying nothing but the essentials.
Don't worry though, I'm still obsessed with books, and I've found some great reviews and reading lists around the web this month. Books count as essentials, right?


A Room Full of Killers by Michael Wood - Reading, Writing, Booking

Swirl & Thread: A Room Full of Killers - Mairead's review of A Room Full of Killers has got me intrigued about this book. A murder takes place in a house full of teenage murderers, it sounds a bit like Agatha Christie crossed with Ian Rankin.

Book Bub Blog: 11 Nonfiction Books for Fans of Fiction - This list of nonfiction books is right up my street, as I much prefer reading fiction but do like to dip into nonfiction every now and again, especially if it's historical.

Penguin: Why 2017 is the Year to Read these 11 Topical Books - Penguin's list of new releases and books celebrating significant anniversaries this year. It's a good mix of genres, with both classics and new releases.


Stop. Breathe. Write On - Reading, Writing, Booking

Sacha Black: The Power of Stop. Breathe. Write On - I  love Sacha's article on dealing with "word-turd"; when you're writing but none of it is any good. She looks at how it's useful every once in a whole to stop and take a break.

Carol Hedges: Don't Give Up the Day Job - For anyone thinking that as soon as they are lucky enough to publish a book they'll be able to quite their job and write full time, this article is a wake-up call. Carol Hedges, author of several self-published books, looks into how book shops treat self-published authors and how having another form of income is essential.


Hush Denim Shorts - Reading, Writing, Booking

Hush Denim Shorts - The first hint of spring sunshine and I start thinking of summer. I know it's nowhere near time yet to wear these, but I came across these shorts as part of Hush's new collection. I find it really hard to find denim shorts of the right length; gone are the days where I can wear little hot pants (if I ever really could) but a lot of longer ones make me look like my Grandad in his comfiest cargo best. These Hush ones, though more money than I would usually spend, look as though they may be the perfect length.

The Telegraph: My 'Buy Nothing Year' - Michelle McGagh saved £22,000 in a year by buying nothing but the essentials. This was a really interesting read; I've been very short on cash at the moment and trying to save. I don't think I could be as extreme as Michelle (I need face cream!) but it really made me think about what I spend on non-essentials, maybe I won't be buying those £45 denim shorts.

From Moon to Moon: The Tiny House of Lucy Duval - Does anyone else read From Moon to Moon? It's an interiors blog that features eclectic and bohemian homes from around the web. I really like this tiny house, especially the stain glass window (see first image). You can watch the interview with owner Lucy Deval here.

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