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January 2017 Link Love

Bare Minerals GEN NUDE Lip Products

My first Link Love post of the New Year. I don't know about you but January has really dragged for me, I know it's a cliche to hate January but this one has been rather dull and dismal. Although it has been punctuated with a few bright frosty days which make the twice-a-day dog walks bearable.

However, though January has been very Januaryish, there have been a lot of great things on the web, probably because content makers know that everyone's going to be staying in staring at their phones.

I've deliberately left out a lot of bloggers' resolutions and aims posts for 2017, I'm sorry but after twenty or so they become rather repetitive. Instead I've got some excellent book reviews on new releases and older classics, some great writing tips and a lot of randomness, including satirical comedy and lipstick.


The Dry by Jane Harper

The Suspense is Thrilling Me: The Dry - Chelsea Humphrey raves about The Dry by Jane Harper in her review and it has made me really want to read it. It's the first in a series about Investigator Aaron Falk who returns to his home town to investigate the murder-suicide of an old friend.

Keeper of Pages: The Devil Crept In - Janel Hayley describes The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn as "creeptastic," which is enough of an incentive for me. The story of missing boy Jude Brighton sounds a bit Stephen King/Stranger things-esque.

Forever Amber: Modern Gothic Novels - Some more horror, this time a whole list of suggestions from fashion blogger Amber. She suggests '15 Books About Mysterious Old Houses,' which all sound right up my street.

A Little Blog of Books: Homesick for Another World - I really want to read this collection of short stories by Ottessa Moshfegh, author of Man Booker Prize-shortlisted Eileen. Clare says the stories have a similar feel to Eileen, which I loved though a lot of people didn't like it.

Reading Matters: Bird in a Cage - A noir crime novella set in 1960s Paris? Sounds good to me!


Ink and Quills - How to Accept your Writing

Ink and Quills: How to Accept Your Writing - A great read if you're feeling uninspired or stuck in your writing. There are practical tips about not comparing yourself to literary legends and knowing that your first draft of anything will be crap.

Kyla Roma: Blog Post Checklist -  Technically this isn't writing tips, but it does help if you write blogs so I'll keep it here. This post features five things to do after you've written a blog post, and goes into a lot more detail than just 'share on social media.'


Chloe Loves to Shop - M&S Peasant Blouse

Chloe Loves to Shop: New Season M&S - I've recently discovered this fashion blogger and really like her posts. Don't be put off by the slightly cheesy name; she's a relatable blogger with great taste. I particularly like her post on new season clothes at Marks & Spencers, I want pretty much everything, especially this Peasant Blouse.

World Supplement - Something to make you smile; a satirical look at politics and current events that doesn't make you feel stupid. My friend Nick writes this online magazine/blog and it always makes me laugh. Recent posts titles have been: 'Framlingham Castle Kiss and Tell with Ed Sheeran' and 'Absolutely Nothing of Value Discussed during 43 Minute Conference Call.'

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Lips - I had to link to the new Bare Minerals lip range as I luckily won four items from the collection in an Instagram competition (see first photo). I was over the moon, especially as they're really good quality and colours. There are four new releases, a lipstick, lipgloss, liquid lipstick and a lipliner, but they come in loads of different neutral shades to match lots of skin tones. The liquid lipstick is really good, very matte but not dry. My favourite is the Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick which I have in Heaven; it's is a good match for my skin and lovely and buttery.
I've swatched the ones I received below.
Look at me, I'm like a proper beauty blogger!

Bare Minerals GEN NUDE Lip Swatches

From left to right:

GEN NUDE Radiant Lipstick in Heaven
GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipgloss in Forbidden
GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Juju
GEN NUDE Under Over Lip Liner in On Point

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