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October 2016: Link Love

The Reading Nook - October 2016: Link Love

This is a new monthly post featuring, you guessed it, links that I love. I know it's a little late for October's post, now being well into November, but I've been spectacularly unorganised as usual.

Each month I'll bring a round up of what I've been enjoying on the web, including books and writing related links as well as a few random favourites.


Women Who Read are Dangerous - October 2016: Link Love

The Reading Nook - If, like me, you love looking at pictures of libraries and reading spaces then you'll love this tumblr, it's just a never ending selection of beautiful book photos.

Beyond Eden Rock - I discovered this lovely book blog a few weeks back and have really enjoyed reading it. Cornish blogger Jane includes art, books, poetry and nature in her blog, and I like that she's a fellow Agatha Christie fan.

Women Who Read are Dangerous - I really want to get this book after Belle, Book and Candle reviewed it. Not just because it's got a great title, but because it's filled with artwork of women reading.


SEO Tips for Bloggers - October 2016 Link Love
How to get a Literary Agent (or not) - There are loads of these posts out there but this one by Sarah Hilary was a breath of fresh air. She talks about how she was rejected several times and how she took on advice to finally get an agent.

SEO Tips for Bloggers - A useful post from Forever Amber on Search Engine Optimisation. Every time I think I've got the hand of SEO it changes, but I found this to have some helpful tips that I haven't come across before.

Hashtags for Writers - Exactly what the title says, this is a huge list of hashtags for writers to use on Twitter. Really useful.

Is Social Media Toxic to Writing? - This seems a strange link to include after the hashtags one, but it's an interesting read; everything now seems to rely on social media and the number of followers you have or people you reach, but does it really help, and can you become a successful writer without it?

Work Like it's Recess - Get outside more and you'll do better work, is the basis of what this article from Headspace is saying. Fairly simple but seemingly difficult for a lot of people.


Farrow Bag by Sezane - October 2016: Link Love

Art by Catherine Hyde - I actually found this artist through Beyond Eden Rock's Twitter feed. I was just struck by Hyde's art; simple, natural and sometimes dark.

Je M'en Fous - Translated that means I don't care, and I like Lucy from Fashion Me Now, I'm trying to give fewer f*cks in life. Does that sound harsh? I don't care! Read the blog post.

10 Least Visited Cities in the World - I've only been to one of these places; Rotorua in New Zealand, which was lovely even if it did smell of sulphur. One day I'd like to go to all of them.

Sezane Farrow Bag - I just love this bag but will never be able to afford it. If any one wants to buy it for me I'd like it in Bordeaux.

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