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I Know Who Did It by Steve Mosby

Book Review

I Know Who Did It by Steve Mosby - Book Review

My first book review on this blog, and the first review from my crime book bundle, had to be a good one, and I Know Who Did It by Steve Mosby (Orion Publishing) is definitely a good one.

A young woman with dramatic facial scarring appears out of nowhere claiming she is Charlie Matheson, who happened to die in a car crash two years ago. Detective Mark Nelson must investigate if she is who she says she is and whether she's come back from the dead as she claims.

The book also focuses on Detective David Groves as he continues to try and understand the death of his young son. Every year on his son's birthday he receives a birthday card for him, but this year there is a message inside, I know who did it

The two mysteries converge in spectacular fashion to uncover a story of a vengeful killer and a twisted view of good and evil.

The book is actually the second in a series, the first being The 50/50 Killer. I haven't read this yet but I Know Who Did It can easily be read as a stand alone.

It's hard to review the book without giving lots away but I will say that the many elements of the story all work together to weave a really thrilling story that's not like any other mysteries I've read. The character of the scarred woman who claims she's Charlie Matheson is excellent; mysterious yet human. Trying to find out who she is and her story is what really compels you to read on.

Mosby builds tension well right from the beginning, meaning the book is difficult to put down. Some parts are quite gruesome; the book deals with child abuse and torture, but it doesn't throw them in needlessly and in great quantities just for thrills, these parts are important to the storyline and they're interspersed with an excellent fast paced story and well-rounded characters.

At first, Detective David Groves looks as though he could be a cliché, a detective struggling with the loss of a loved one and looking for revenge is not exactly new, but Mosby manages to draw fresh blood from the character. He's one you can really feel for and you can identify with his struggle between what's right and wrong, even if you think you would act differently.

In fact, both detectives have suffered the death of a loved one and the exploration of this as affects their characters makes for good reading.
The secondary characters too are well rounded with back stories and elements of interest that will keep you reading.

While I Know Who Did It is a thrilling read, it also goes a lot deeper than a simple whodunnit and looks at the bigger questions of good and evil, heaven and hell.

I will be definitely be reading more of Mosby's books, first off, The 50/50 Killer.

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